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[Software] Topaz Plug-ins Bundle for Photoshop Oct.2017 + Pre-Cracked-[1,3GB]

topaz [Software] Topaz Plug-ins Bundle for Photoshop Oct.2017 + Pre-Cracked-[1,3GB]

[Software] Topaz Plug-ins Bundle for Photoshop Oct.2017 + Pre-Cracked-[1,3GB]

Topaz Plug-ins is a set of plug-ins from the famous company Topaz Labs for Adobe Photoshop, as well as for Photoshop Elements. Plugins are designed to regulate the plug-in, imitate drawing with oil and watercolor, reduce noise, separate the object from the background and merge with another image, increase the sharpness and much more.

• Instantly transform your photos into exciting artwork
• Control the artistic process with infinitely adjustable options
• Use simple, fast and easy to learn sliders
• Maximize productivity through the use of a number of built-in presets
• Save your settings to your own presets
• Take advantage of several processors for faster processing
• Use Photoshop smart filter for convenient and non-destructive editing

in on Op plugins included the following: 

Topaz B & W Effects 2.1.0– converts your color images into stunning black and white compositions! B & W Effects provides new features that will allow you to create stunning images more easily than ever with the use of more than 150 presses imitating the effects of historical shots, traditional and stylized photographic processes. Topaz B & W Effects is not just a traditional tool for black and white conversion, B & W Effects offers unique effects and advanced tools with the ability to flexibly customize options for every taste.

Topaz Lens Effects 1.3.0simulates effects of realism of lenses, filters and special effects of cameras. The plugin uses a completely new interface. A simple, but at the same time, unique and effective way of creating depth maps was used. The effect of the lens makes it easy to emphasize your photo coordinating center and minimize distracting elements, create beautiful bokeh effects and take full and creative control over your image. You can create a variety of effects without additional equipment.

DeJPEG 4.1.0– The plug-in for Photoshop removes JPEG artifacts and simultaneously increases the clarity of the image. Each of us knows small squares and blurriness when compressing JPEG. Of course, this is unbearable and very annoying, but still we were able to get used to it. Topaz Labs finally solved this problem by releasing a JPEG amplifier. This plug-in for Photoshop, with which you can remove the squares and improve the clarity of the image. They are very easy to use, it is acceptable for everyone, because the plugin uses advanced algorithms, always achieving the optimal result.

Topaz Adjust 5.2.0– Regulates the plug-in and manipulates images for Photoshop. Easily and effectively take full control over the processed image, color and details in order to create stunning creative effects and automate the exposure correction. Topaz uses advanced algorithms to achieve unique effects in seconds.

Topaz Clean 3.2.0 – uses a unique structural image enhancement filter that removes noise and simultaneously increases the sharpness of the edges.

Topaz Detail 3.3.0– the appearance of luminous halos is one of the main problems requiring post-processing after the creation of HDR images. Topaz Labs has developed embedded into many graphic editors, including Adobe Photoshop, the Topaz Detail plug-in that will help to quickly solve this problem. Topaz Detail is also ideal for increasing or decreasing image sharpness, as well as for converting images in grayscale with full tonal range control.

Topaz DeNoise 6.0.1– is the advanced plug-in noise reduction plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. It uses a new and powerful method of noise filtering. These are new technologies that have been created over the past few years – the most detailed image while reducing noise. Simply and effectively reduces the noise in the images while not reducing the quality of the parts.

Topaz ReMask 5.0.1– The plugin was created to help photographers, designers, amateurs in graphics and just for masking and decomposing photos or simply separating the object from the background in photos and seamlessly merging with another image. ReMask will save you from tedious and long work on the separation of the smallest details such as hair, fog, wool. Easily integrates into Photoshop and extends the functionality of the masking process, has advanced masquerading algorithms, which allows you to accurately isolate the desired object from the general background and correctly fit it into another image.

Topaz Simplify 4.2.0– a plug-in Photoshop plug-in for creating a picture, using the type of artistic influence – imitates drawing with oil and watercolor, opens new possibilities for any photographer. A few extra minutes of processing and you will get a perfect mixture of photography and art.

Topaz InFocus 1.1.0plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, designed to sharpen photos and eliminate blur. Topaz InFocus uses the latest advances in image deconvolution technology to restore, refine and sharpen image details. Topaz InFocus uses image deconvolution technology, back-motion blur, thereby increasing actual sharpness. InFocus can enhance the clarity of an already well-focused image, as well as a blurry out-of-focus image or an image made in motion.

Topaz Clarity 1.1.0– A powerful plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, designed to create bright and attractive images. The technology used in this new plug-in allows, after a deep analysis of the image, to make an intelligent improvement in the contrast and clarity of the image without creating any artifacts or halos. With just a few clicks you get complete control over all aspects of manipulation, micro and macro contrast adjustment, halftones, turning your image from ordinary to extraordinary, while preserving the naturalness and tonal range.

photoFXlab 1.2.11– an application that offers users a diverse and complex set of graphic effects to improve and optimize the appearance of your images, which can also be accessed as a plug-in. With instant access to all Topaz plug-ins, photoFXlab easily connects to all Topaz effects in a searchable effects library. With the ability to work with multiple layers and masking, selective enhancement brushes with edge-saving technology and new InstaTone technology, photoFXlab can work as a plug-in and as a stand-alone application.

Star Effects 1.2.0– plug-in for Photoshop, capable of creating unique effects of stars and lighting. With the help of an advanced algorithm, it automatically finds the light sources in the image and gives all the control over them to your hands: amplification of light, color adjustment, temperature, glow, switching on and off sources, application of customized star effects – all this will allow you to bring creativity and creativity in Your most favorite photos.

Topaz ReStyle 1.1.0– allows you to discover new artistic and creative possibilities for your images. Topaz ReStyle is a new plug-in for Photoshop compatible graphics editors that will add new artistic and creative features to image processing and help you get unexpectedly interesting results. Change your images with just one click, using thousands of styles and types.

Topaz Glow 2.0 – creates a magical fluorescent luminous effect that fills your work with a sense of energy and flow. It is designed to create dynamic images with energetic neon light sparks. Effects can be fully customized, from subtle background improvements to electrification with fractal and neon illumination.

Topaz Impression 2.0.5– will help make your photos more expressive, truly turning them into works of art that look like paintings or sketches made in a graphic pencil or charcoal, or in any other style that you will like, as if you are a real artist. Realistic photographs sometimes leave less room for emotion, personal feelings and history.

Topaz Textures Effects 2.1.1 – a program for overlaying graphic effects on a photo to create impressive images? With the ability to quickly achieve a variety of textured, toned, and lighting effects, effects, textures Topaz allows you to do in a matter of minutes, which can take several hours in other editing programs.


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