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[Software] Spitfire Audio PP025 Evo Grid 4 KONTAKT+Crack Incl.[14.9 Gb]

0046837d [Software] Spitfire Audio PP025 Evo Grid 4 KONTAKT+Crack Incl.[14.9 Gb]
Spitfire Audio PP025 Evo Grid 4 KONTAKT | 14.9 Gb

Unique Evolving Woodwinds. The next chapter in the Evo Grid series, some of the most instantly gratifying sounds we’ve had the pleasure of making. This volume features an eclectic collection of woodwinds evolutions designed by Ben Foskett to bring a very special edge to your music.

0046837d [Software] Spitfire Audio PP025 Evo Grid 4 KONTAKT+Crack Incl.[14.9 Gb]

Following on from the success of Spitfire’s original Evo Grid 1, and the stunning Evo Grid 2 and the ultra exclusive ‘Symphonic Evolutions’, it was time to let the blowers have a go! Returning to the ultra dry but warm vintage surroundings of Air Edel Studios, Spitfire Audio, in conjunction with Ben Foskett, set about doing things with woodwinds that you would never expect. To create a product that oozes originality, inspiration and a critical edge for your future compositions! The newly initiated Evos are hyperlong articulations that change, sometimes subtly and sometimes radically, over time before looping. We organise these on a grid so you can plot which evolution or ‘Evo’ sits on which key range. In this day and age, composers are often asked to engage the listener by doing very little, we’re asked to rarely change a note, to do nothing, but ‘really sort a scene out’! Evo Grid is our means of providing composers with a solution to this conundrum!

0046837d [Software] Spitfire Audio PP025 Evo Grid 4 KONTAKT+Crack Incl.[14.9 Gb]

Evo Grid 4 employs some of the UK’s finest, most progressive and avant garde woodwind players performing beautifully orchestrated long notes that evolve into simple increases in intensity and expression to sounds from another world. Spitfire used two subtly different line ups of players to give you a nuanced selection of sounds, some more reedy, some more flutey than others. Contributing to a final number of 48 evos across 12 pitch regions. Whilst playing the material orchestrated by Ben Foskett, we couldn’t stop ourselves from creating an additional 5 grids of awesome, warped, saturated and totally transformed versions of each and every Evo. Including some specially “tweaked” versions of the Evos that feature key moments of each recorded looped reversed and repeated for engaging and subtle longs with just a hint of patina.


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