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[Software] Spitfire Audio Orstphone KONTAKT [6.22 Gb]

00469373 [Software] Spitfire Audio Orstphone KONTAKT [6.22 Gb]
Spitfire Audio Orstphone KONTAKT | 6.22 Gb

Spitfire Audio present a very special new member of the mallet family – the Ørstphone. This extraordinary array of aluminium bells played by a master of his craft in the hall at air studios, deeply sampled to spitfire´s strict ´definitive´ code. A unique and essential magical addition to your sonic arsenal.
Spitfire has always been about introducing music makers to innovation and talent. So it seemed only right that we bring forth the very special coupling of Paul Clarvis and this amazing new addition to the mallet family which we have called the Ørstphone; an other worldly array of aluminium bells played in the glorious surrounds of the hall at Air Studios.

When reaching for tuned metallic percussion we often struggle with the sonic stereotype that a Tchaikovskyian celeste or a playful Glockenspiel can convey. So we´re always very interested in conjuring similar sonic magic but without the instantly recognisable identity revealing itself. This next addition to our wonderful array of tuned percussion found in our seminal ´Spitfire Percussion´ range and more esoteric discoveries including our ´Gallon Idiophones´ takes our strict deep sampling code to provide you with the definitive representation of this instrument. Partnering again with our friends at Air Studios, this awesome set of recordings represent the best signal path and acoustic magic strived for by the greatest music makers the world over.

Spitfire’s Definitive Range endeavours to offer the world a one-stop shop for classic and esoteric instruments played by the greats. As all these instruments are recorded in situ, in the same room, they’re designed to lock together sonically whether it be some timpani from the percussion range coupled with your Sable libraries. Or indeed a more curious band made up of the HG20, a plucked piano and a harp, it is designed to sound like they’re together in the same room. We provide a series of fantastic mixing options that allow you to dry stuff up or make it more ambient should you so wish, whilst preserving the acoustic integrity and perspective of a slavishly recalled microphone set up and room configuration.


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